5 Game Ideas for a Fun Family Reunion

5 Game Ideas for a Fun Family Reunion

5 Game Ideas for a Fun Family Reunion

You've heard it before... a game is just that -- a game.  However, games take on a special meaning and become more significant when they form part of special events like family reunions. A family reunion is not an ordinary happening; a family reunion is an event that reinforces family ties and keeps alive the spirit of family unity. A family reunion involves gathering members of the family in one place; it is about reminiscing the good old times; it is an event where new family members can be introduced to and become acquainted with the entire clan.



Other than an opportunity to reconnect members of the family with each other, a family reunion is an overt means of upholding birthrights and affirming the legacy of one’s heritage. This is accomplished through never ending discussions and sharing different accounts. However, the success of a family reunion hinges on the inclusion of certain elements that will bring cheer and excitement to the affair. When you plan a family reunion, do line up activities that will encourage the participation of every one who attends.


Games can liven up any affair, including family reunions. Games keep the guests preoccupied; when they are busy, they won’t get bored. You can build on fun family reunion game ideas to come up with unique, fantastic and delightful activities for your guests to enjoy during the reunion.


Listed below are a few family reunion game ideas you can use for your upcoming family reunion. You can even modify and adopt them as your official family reunion games and play them in every family reunion, giving your family members something to look forward to each time you hold a family reunion.


1.  Family Showdowns


Liven up the family reunion by holding contests that every member of the family can join. A little friendly competition will always stimulate thrill and amusement. Have a talent showdown, a Family Idol singing contest or even charades. The objective is to keep the spirit of the family reunion alive and festive. You do not have to enforce the rules strictly but do have a good set of rules just to keep everything in order.


2. Family-Style Versions of TV Game Shows


Make your family reunion exciting by holding family-style versions of popular TV game shows. This will not only add zest but can also be a vehicle for your creativity, never mind that you “borrowed” the original concept. Take your cue from Family Feud, Name that Tune, Deal or No Deal or even Identity. Use the basic workings of the game, but modify it to suit your purpose. Example, in lieu of Name that Tune, you can call it “Name that Relative.” For your version, players identify a family member with the help of clues.


3.  Classic Favorite Party Games


Games need not be played by kids only. Adults can join in and have fun playing too. It is actually the thrill of playing and the opportunity of interacting with other family members that would encourage the older members to join even if the games are the classic favorites like Simon Says, The Boat is Sinking, Trip to Jerusalem or Bring Me.


It would be better if you customize these games by changing their titles into funny ones or by using familiar names -- instead of “Simon Says”, use “Uncle Bob Says” and  for “Trip to Jerusalem”, substitute “Jerusalem” with the home location of the patriarch or whoever is the oldest relative in attendance.


4.  Physical Games


Depending on the venue, that is if you have the space and facilities, you can include more energetic and physical games like sack race, ball games, tug-of-war or treasure hunting. Or why not have your own Easter egg hunt even if Easter is still a few months away?


Your intention here would be to let everyone have fun at the games and move their muscles at the same time. In effect, you are encouraging your relatives to keep fit and stay healthy while they enjoy themselves at the family reunion. You will not get anywhere if all you do is sit, chat and trade stories during the family reunion. While it is true that recalling the past is one of the main objectives for holding family reunions, you would also want to keep the family members active and healthy for them to remain around longer and be present in several more family reunions in the future.


5.  Deck of Cards


You can always bring out that deck of cards if you truly are not able to think of an exciting game for the family reunion. A deck of cards can bring lots of fun by itself. Your family isn't into card games, you say? Well, who says a card deck is only good for playing? Do card tricks and you can keep the entire family entertained. You can learn card tricks or you can hire a professional magician for an hour or two of card magic.


With so many inspiration available from different sources, you can easily come up with great family reunion game ideas. You only have to allow yourself to be creative and enthusiastic, thinking of nothing else but to have fun.


Work on the principle that family reunions are affairs that are extra special. That is why it is important to maintain the laughter and have that oomph during the family reunion using these brilliant family reunion game ideas.

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