Keep Your Family Connected through a Family Website

Keep Your Family Connected through a Family Website

Keep Your Family Connected through a Family Website

Many of us are just too busy nowadays. We have so many interests and pursue so many things at once that we end up forgetting about or neglecting one of the most important things in our lives -- our family. It is far too common for family members to lose contact with each other. We defer making phone calls or writing letters despite how easy they are to do.



Some blame this apparent break down in family communications on technology. These people argue that computers and technology has caused relationships to lose their personal touch. On the contrary, family members can harness emerging technologies; you can tap into the potentials of the Internet and make it work to better family relations. You can use the power of the web to enhance your family life by keep the members connected.


How the Internet Keeps Families Together

To a certain extent, the anti-technology people may be right. Many are more comfortable communicating through the computer than by direct personal interaction. Most prefer sending e-mails or instance messages than picking up a phone and calling. Comparably, communicating via the Internet offers more convenience and economy than communicating via the telephone.

In addition, many people feel they are more efficient communicating over the Internet than over the phone because they can multi-task while they sit in front of the computer. This apparent preference by many for modern technology can be taken advantage of as a means of maintaining family connectedness instead of being the cause of family disconnectedness.

You can create a family website with a family chat room feature. You and your family can log in to the chat room to talk to each other in real time. You can update each other on the latest developments, recent events or talk about the latest family vacation. You can even chat about trivial matters like recent episodes of your favorite TV shows. Ultimately, it is these little and seemingly inconsequential conversations that act as the glue to keep the family together. It is during these "chat times" when personal defenses are down that everybody can get to know each other much more deeply and intimately.

Online Calendars for Keeping Tabs on Everyone

If you are planning your family reunion and other special occasions, use an online event calendar on the family website for an easier and hassle-free arrangement. Post the big event on the calendar to remind everyone of the schedule and to ask for whatever help you may need. Through the family website, you can coordinate individual assignments and avoid double ups, particularly in food items and, more importantly, you can be assured that your menu is complete.

The online calendar feature on your family website is the only reminder you will ever need to keep tabs of birthdays, anniversaries and other special dates. Each family member can add to the family calendar or change entries as necessary. Heartaches can be avoided as family greetings come on time.

Another useful feature of the family website is the address book. You can fill in specific details like street addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and instant messaging nicknames (e.g., Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Messenger or MSN Messenger). With the mobility of people these days, it is important to maintain contact information current. Family members can easily log in to the family website and update their contact details. Thanks to technology, you need not be afraid of losing touch with one another. If you are concerned about privacy, you can always enable the security option of the family website so passwords would be required and only your family can sign in.

Sharing Memories Online

With a family website, you can share memories with family members and relatives. Aside from the chat room and address book feature, a family website can also have a photo and video gallery feature. Through this feature, you can upload photos and make video clips available for family members to view or download. Thanks to online companies that offer services and packages for family websites, you can now easily and quickly create your own family website with all these features.  

Technology can bridge the physical distance between you and your family. You can maintain that link, watch each other’s children grow and share in special memories like birthday parties, Christmas and graduations through the Internet, specifically on your family website. Because of considerations like time and financial resources, it is not always possible to have the family complete at every special event. It can be expensive and time consuming to mail photos and videos. Besides, there is the time delay factor.  With a family website, you can upload photos and videos straight away after taking them. There is immediate appreciation of the pictures while the experience is fresh and the enthusiasm is still there. Having a family website where family members can virtually come together 24/7 is the next best thing to being actually together.

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