Part 14: More Family Reunion Activites

Part 14: More Family Reunion Activites

Part 14: More Family Reunion Activites

Other than organized sports, there are several other ways you can get your family members up and out of their chairs. I already mentioned sack races and tug-of-war, but there are an endless number of physical games you can play at your family reunion.

One game is the egg and spoon race. You can decide ahead of time whether or not you want to boil the eggs for the game. Obviously, boiled eggs are not quite as messy when they fall off of the spoon – but, it is a lot more fun when the eggs go splat.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with egg and spoon races, it is just like it sounds. You give each participant an egg and a spoon. The participant must hold the end of the spoon while holding the egg in the scoop portion. The participants then run to the finish line and the first one there (with the egg still in place) is declared the winner. If you want to make this game even more of a challenge, play with teams and challenge the team members to pass the egg to each other without using their hands.

Three-legged races are also a great way to get everyone moving. Try pairing up children with adults and you will really get some laughs as they try to compensate for the differences in their strides.

Scavenger hunts are always fun too. You can either simply hide items as you would with an Easter egg hunt and send family members out to find them, or you can actually provide them with a list of specific objects to find. Through careful planning, you can make it so your family members will have to obtain objects from other family members. This will add to the fun while also encouraging interaction among the members of your family.

An added perk to engaging in all of this activity is the fact that it will help keep your relatives healthy as well. Of course, you aren’t going to lower anyone’s cholesterol or help anyone lose 50 pounds with just one day of activity. Nonetheless, you can feel good knowing that you got your family members up and at it for at least one day.

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