Your Family Website: The Easy Way to Share Photos with the Family

Your Family Website: The Easy Way to Share Photos with the Family

Your Family Website: The Easy Way to Share Photos with the Family

It is always fun and exciting to share pictures with the family. And with today’s technology, photo sharing is made easier through an online photo gallery that is fairly simple to set up. Online photo sharing keeps family members updated with each other’s developments. Grandparents who live far away can still watch their grandchildren grow and change. In the same way, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles can all take pleasure in viewing pictures of the family.



Sharing Photos the Old Way


Several years back, before the popularity of the Internet and the ability to create photo albums online, people had to make copies of photographs for distribution to every family member and friend who might be interested to see and have a copy of them. The photos, which can be bulky if they’re many, had to be stuffed in envelopes duly labeled with “Photos inside, do not bend.” Then, you had to apply postage and mail them away. The costs of sharing photos this way can add up to a pretty neat sum -- you have to pay for each photo you want copied as well as pay for postage to have them sent to everyone. Stuffing the envelopes and addressing each one can be time consuming too. The frustration increases when the pictures do not reach the destination or they get damaged in transit and must be discarded. The sad part is when some family members may not really appreciate receiving photos and would just stash them away somewhere.


Sharing Photos the New Way


Thanks to computer technology and the Internet, we can all say goodbye to those days of frustration and disappointments. Photo sharing is now inexpensive and much more convenient. And as an added benefit, you can share your photos with your loved ones immediately after taking them. This is most helpful during vacations as you can upload the photos on the very same day you take them. With this facility, you can create a daily journal that your family back home can enjoy with you. In the same manner, the rest of the family gets to monitor all the developments with a newborn member. At the family website, post a picture of the baby immediately after birth so everyone in the family can “ooohh!” and “aaahh!” at their end.  Then, document each of the baby’s progress to keep everyone updated.  Those interested in having a copy of the baby pictures can save them on their own hard disk or print them if they wish.


Share Photos on Your Family Website


The best way to share photos is through the family website. You can share all the pictures you want on your family website, including your favorite baby photo or snap shots of the family vacation. Your family website can also serve as the central location where you can post all information about the upcoming family reunion. Family members can share their ideas, suggestions and plans for the reunion activities via your family website. You can be sure that everyone intends to have a good time during the reunion and would help make it a memorable event. The better part will be after the family reunion -- you can post the pictures in your family website's online photo album. Everyone will laugh at the antics of your hilarious relatives. Friends and relatives will all be touched when they see the younger ones hugging each other, all precious moments of happiness and togetherness as captured “with the click of a camera” and made available for all to see online.


Pictures taken during special occasions should definitely be posted on the family website.  Examples would be graduation pictures and wedding photos, which you would want to share with the rest of the family so they can also feel your pride and look forward to a bright future. Do not forget the pictures of your newborn. Or perhaps you would want to show the other family members your new car or introduce your new pet. You can actually post and share any picture you want, even the current renovation that's being done on your home or the beautiful landscaping you are working on. Upload your digital photos to the family website and you can easily share them with others.


The family website also gives your family members direct access to the pictures you posted on the site. They can download and save a few or all of the photos to their own computer. Then, they can manipulate their chosen family photos using any graphics software to create their own wallpapers and screen savers. Or, if they so desire, they can print their favorite photos in as many copies as they want.


Putting Up a Family Website


A family website is fairly simple to create; you can have one up and running in no time.  There are several online providers that offer services for family websites. These online providers have easy-to-follow instructions to help you build your own family website. Templates sporting different styles and layouts are available for you to chose from. When you have your family website up, you can easily start uploading your favorite family pictures. You have control over your site so you can add and delete pictures anytime you wish. And to add a personal touch, you can even upload your family coat of arms or any other symbols or graphic representation of your family.

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