Its like your own private Facebook that only family members that you invite can join. You don’t have to worry about non-family members accessing your families personal information.

Famlu is free to try. Upgrade only when you are ready. See our plans for more info.

Free to try. If you decide to upgrade its just $12 per month or $67 per year.

Some companies in our industry offer their product for free in order to gain a large member base and then suddenly change to a paid model, forcing all existing members to pay in order to keep their site.

Nope! One person pays and all invited members join for free. Your site allows for unlimited members and unlimited uploads.

We have quite a few direct competitors. We do an in-depth analysis of each of our major competitors every few month to make sure we’re alway at least one step ahead. In fact, we maintain and publish a full list of all major family website services including details about each. We are also often referred to as a safe and private alternative to Facebook for families.

Ensuring the privacy of your families personal information is one of our most important objectives. We go to great length to ensure that your data in safe and secure.

Securing your site from hackers and the like has been a key component of our service from day one. Our lead architect formerly oversaw the security aspect of all public facing websites and web portals for a large banking institution and we use the same tools and technologies to ensure your data remains secure.

You can read all about our founder and our team here. You can read all about our company history, mission, and values here.