Let Famlu.com be Your Alternative to MyFamily.com

Let Famlu.com be Your Alternative to MyFamily.com

Let Famlu.com be Your Alternative to MyFamily.com

As current and former users of MyFamily.com are winding down their activity due to the website’s imminent closing, a wonderful alternative is available now on Famlu.com, which offers all the same services and more. If you want to continue to congregate with family living in far away places, Famlu.com offers a virtual hub for gathering everyone together in one location. Setting up an account and importing your data into Famlu.com can be handled with help from our Customer Support team, who will ensure a smooth transition.

Famlu.com offers a free website for all members, giving you a unique URL, which will be your hub for sharing family news, photos, videos and lots more so everyone in the family can stay connected. Building your website is done easily by clicking on the button to “create” your site and following the prompts. More help can be accessed using our virtual tour, which shows a sample site being built, with tips and suggestions to make it all your own.

“Famlu.com has really brought our family together and it’s all because you have such a fun platform with so many great features and new ones being added all the time. Thank you for giving us such a fun ‘home’ online where we can all get together”, as quoted from a Famlu.com user.

The main features offered by Famlu.com:

Gallery of Photos – This is the area where family members can upload and share photos and of course add their comments. Then everyone else will of course chime in with their comments. Slide show viewing is also possible. It’s your option.

Family Tree – This is where a family tree format is used to display photos and information of family members, now and in past generations. You will post photos of children, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and even great grandparents.

Members – All family members will be listed here with name, phone number and contact information. This makes it so easy for everyone to stay connected and continually communicate with everyone at once.

Family Newsletter – Once members of the family post a number of news items, the user can click on this option and easily create a Family Newsletter that then can be sent out to everyone in the family.

Discussion Forum – This private area is for family members only and is used when members wish to communicate with each other.

Famlu.com offers a number of very innovative features, which are also offered with the free website. There is a family calendar where users can schedule events and send reminders. There is a journal feature as well for those wanting to keep a “diary”. There is an option for adding music and you can customize further by changing the themes of the pages to follow the seasons or as certain important events unfold. There are also upgrades to further customize your website that can be implemented for a slight fee.

Let Famlu.com help you plan a Family Reunion

Obligations and opportunities in life often force family members to live far from one another so why not plan a family reunion with the help of Famlu.com? There is no better way to do this than as a group on the family website. The private Discussion Forum is the perfect place for everyone to chime in on his or her ideas. The Tips section on Famlu.com has a lot of fun ideas for planning a great reunion. Let us help make this a memorable event for everyone!

To quote one Familu.com user, “We have been trying to get together as a family for so many years and we were finally able to pull it off, thanks to our Family Website and all the help we got from Famlu.com”.

You can trust Familu.com to help you transition

We have been in the business of bringing families together since 2004, and will continue our mission of fostering strong, loving and cohesive family relationships by offering a Free Familu.com Website to anyone wanting to do the same for their family. Since Ancestry.com has announced that they are shutting MyFamily.com down on September 5, 2014 we hope that you will join us at Familu.com.

For further information on the closing down of MyFamily.com please click on the following posts by Ancestry.com:

If your not sure if Famlu.com is the right choice for your family website, please check out the other options available and compare them to us. We're so confident that we have the best family website service that we've created a comparison matrix and reviews of the top 7 family website services.

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