About Us


Famlu (formerly FamilyDetails.com) is a privately held corporation based in Irvine California.

Our Mission

Our motivation is to join together families and their loved ones across the globe using technology. We accomplish this mission with cutting edge web and mobile technologies. Our websites provide unparalleled, yet user friendly, services to facilitate online family websites and family reunions.


Starting out as just a side project in 2004, our founder Doug Campbell saw the opportunity to become something much larger and more successful. With the start-up’s taste of accomplishment, Doug Campbell nurtured our now well-established business. He saw the chance to utilize technology to connect people from all around the world. With the use of the latest web-based technologies, Doug founded Famlu—connecting loved ones anywhere they may be.

Previously working as a web architect at Panasonic Corp., Doug used this experience to see through Famlu. While at Panasonic Corp. he was responsible for the development of many portals and business applications. Doug brought those same ideas and skills to the table with Famlu. Using the same technologies he learned and perfected at Panasonic Corp., Famlu’s website had the best of both worlds. With Famlu, users can leverage features similar to Facebook, but with increased security and privacy. Famlu keeps your important family connections secure.

Famlu provides amazing services to connect loved ones regardless of how far apart they may be from one another by using the best web-based technologies. Once Famlu was off the ground in 2007, no longer just a side project, Doug left his full time job. With Doug’s entrepreneurial sense Famlu grows organically and without any outside investment.

Our Philosophy

We focus on security.

We are constantly evolving. We use the latest technologies to assist in guaranteeing our Famlu users safe and secure connections.

We promise privacy.

Our modern web-based technologies provide you the amenities and luxuries of services similar to Facebook, with increased privacy and security.

We work locally.

All team members work out of our Irvine, California office. Plus, we have a few contractors in other part of the US, but no work is outsourced. We aim to build a stronger community by keeping our money close to home and supporting local business.

Our Commitment 

We commit ourselves to happy customers. We strive to return emails and phone calls within just a few business hours, if not sooner. Your inquiries and concerns are important to us, and we appreciate feedback. Famlu is a service looking to constantly better itself, and better your experience. We recognize premium customer services are key to facilitate this successful user/customer service partnership.

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