Service Availability


With Famlu we strive to provide you the best customer service possible. This includes a commitment to constantly addressing your needs in a timely fashion. Responding quickly respects our users and allows us to develop strong customer relations. We realize there is mutual benefit with a great customer service relationship. With this great customer service relationship, we are able to address the concerns of our valued users while bettering Famlu and ourselves as a result. We aim to perfect our services for your web-based family connections.

We commit to having 99.9% uptime service availability. We know it is importance for the site to be live, as you are making connections with your families. We respect that these reunions are planned events for which time is set aside. We all lead busy lives, and when we are able to designate time to reunite on Famlu we do not want any unexpected disruptions. We strive to minimize any possible service disruptions in your Famlu experience. Family reunions are time sensitive, and family reunion planning is a reliable service we promise. Cutting-edge technologies help guarantee this dependable service.

Famlu is always working to evolve and better your user experiences. For this reason, we do occasionally undergo maintenance. Usually this will not disrupt your user experience, but in the event that the site may not be live we promise to give at least 5 days notice for this planned site maintenance. Planned site maintenance typically lasts no longer than 10 minutes and it begins at 11 p.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday nights. This may seem like a very specific time, but we like to maintain this schedule for our users’ convenience. By knowing how long maintenance will take and when it will occur, well in advance (5+ days), we keep our users informed. Unexpected errors aside, you will know when maintenance occurs. Regular maintenance also minimizes the risk of unexpected error—further increasing the reliability of Famlu’s services.

Overall, we strive to provide the best customer service possible by addressing your needs quickly and having 99.9% uptime availability. We keep our users informed as to not disrupt any possible or planned family reunions. We encourage you to reach out (see our contact information here) with any possible feedback, comments, questions, concerns, issues, or even compliments. We are motivated by the best service availability possible, and we promise a reliable service.