Planning a Family Reunion: How to Get There and Where to Stay

Planning a Family Reunion: How to Get There and Where to Stay

Planning a Family Reunion: How to Get There and Where to Stay

Finding the perfect venue is an important step in the family reunion planning process. If you are a one-person committee, you would go about this by soliciting suggestions from family members who are attending the family reunion and perhaps doing a vote. If there is a committee assigned to find the venue for the family event, they will deliberate among themselves, present it to the members and then handle the logistics.

So what are the things you need to consider when choosing the venue for your next family reunion? When it comes to choosing the venue, you will have to decide on two important elements: the lodging (where family members are going to stay during the family reunion) and the transportation (how family members are going to get to the venue).

Of course, you want your family members to have a wonderful experience. Thus, you need to find a venue that can provide an atmosphere conducive to the event. Likewise, the venue you choose should be easily reached by those attending and if the family reunion will last more than a day, accommodations need to be arranged in advance.

So before you flesh out further details of the family reunion, like the games, activities, food and such, you need to plan first the lodging an transportation.

* Your Guests' Lodging

When planning the lodging for the family reunion, ask yourself these five questions:

1. How many will attend the family reunion?

How many family members will be present during the event will largely determine where you will hold the family reunion. If you are planning a grand family reunion, you may have to find a venue big enough to accommodate more than 50 people. For big family reunions, resorts, pavilions or hotel ballrooms will do well. For smaller family reunions, with 30 people or less attending, reserving an area in a restaurant will suffice. If a family member has a spacious backyard, it can be used to hold the family reunion.

2. What is the nature of the guests?

Will there be more children than adults attending the family reunion? If so, holding the reunion in a place where guests are going to stay in log cabins overnight for the event may prove to be challenging. Consider holding the family reunion in theme parks if there will be more children than adults. However, if the family reunion will be attended mostly by adults, holding the event in calmer locations such as rest houses would be ideal.

3. How much budget do you have for lodging?

A budget is important when planning any other event, not just a family reunion. You need to consider how much budget you have allocated for the venue and lodging. A camping site is a relatively inexpensive venue to hold the family reunion if you are operating on a low budget. If all family members attending the event have motor homes or trailer homes, they can all drive to the venue. If you do decide to hold the family reunion in a resort or similar place and the event lasts more than a day, you can book them at a hotel or inn. Some hotels and inns give discounts for group and early reservations so don't hesitate to inquire about special rates.

4. How safe is the venue or place of lodging?

Safety is an important thing you need to consider when choosing the venue for the family reunion and lodging for your guests. If you are holding the family reunion overnight in a resort, does the resort provide sufficient security during the night? If you are holding it on a camping site, are there security fences around the camp ground to protect you from dangerous animals? If you are lodging your guests at a hotel, does the hotel have conveniently located and accessible fire escapes?

5. How much space will your guests need?

Many love the outdoors for the simple reason that they can engage in practically any kind of activity. When you are planning your family reunion, space is a key factor. If you are reserving a space in a restaurant, is it big enough to give each guest plenty of legroom? If you are holding it in a resort, pavilion or function hall, is the space big enough that you can hold games and other activities without making your guests feel like sardines? It may be wise to check with other family members about the venues you are considering and then hear their opinions.

* Getting Your Guests to the Venue

Deciding on the venue and arranging for your guests' lodging is half the work. The next thing you need to consider is how your guests are going to get to the family reunion venue. You want family members to actually be there at the family reunion.

If you are holding the family reunion at a resort or someplace where attendees will need transportation (unless they decide to drive there themselves), you need to allot a budget for this as well as schedule pick ups. You will have to book the transportation in advance and make sure that guests will be comfortable during the trip.

Below are a few tips to help you plan how to get your guests to the family reunion venue:

* Canvass several travel agencies or transport service providers and compare their prices. Go with the one that offers the best deal and has the best track record. You want to go for the best price (the lowest or most reasonable) and quality of service (transport provider's track record and reputation).

* Choose a transport service provider that will also cover insurance for you, your guests and luggage.

* Make your transportation reservation in advance. If you are arranging for flights, check with airlines as you can get discounts if you reserve early.

* Two weeks or a week before the trip, call your transport provider and confirm your reservation with them.

* If the trip to your family reunion venue is going to take hours of traveling, prepare your body and mind for it.

When you are planning the family reunion, take care not to overlook your and your guests' comforts. Make sure that you have accommodations are reserved and made. You want your family members happy and well rested during the family reunion. If they are, the higher the chance the family reunion will be a lively one. So plan the lodging and transportation with great care.

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