Creating the Perfect Invitation for Your Family Reunion

Creating the Perfect Invitation for Your Family Reunion

Creating the Perfect Invitation for Your Family Reunion

An attractive and cordial invitation is sure to pique the interest of your family members and make them look forward to attending the family reunion. Thus, creating the perfect invitation for the family reunion must be your primary concern if you are tasked to organize the event. Coming up with the perfect invitation is the first step you take towards ensuring that your family reunion is a success.



As you want only the best, here are some guidelines to help you create that perfect family reunion invitation:


1.  Decide on the theme of the family reunion. Of course, you should have already settled on when you intend to hold the event. Establish the significance of the event and the date – if it is your parents' wedding anniversary, the homecoming of a beloved sibling or announcement of the engagement of a favorite niece. Whatever the reason for holding the family reunion, work the design of your invitation to complement that theme. Why not add family photos on the invitation? Do not be afraid to experiment; be creative!


2.  In case you can’t come up with a design for your family reunion invitation, look for samples of invitations and study the ones you like. The Internet is a great place to start your search. If you come across a family reunion invitation you like, you can pattern yours after it. If at all possible, avoid copying the sample invitation in its entirety. Instead choose the elements you like and add in your own concepts or ideas. This way you add a personal touch to your family reunion invitation.


3.  Determine the type of materials you will need in creating the family reunion invitation. Knowing the theme and having a good idea of the layout to use on your family reunion invitation will help you in choosing what kind of paper to print the invitation on.  Look into how you will print out your invitation's design. Local craft stores should carry a wide selection of paper quality from which you can choose. You can decide to use simple paper or the specialty type.  Check out invitation kits too as you may come across one that will be perfect for the family reunion invitation you have in mind.


4. Complete the layout of your design. Imagine how the design will look like on paper. To make your family reunion invitation stand out and become a keepsake, use family photos instead of stock photos. If  you intend to work on a computer aided design, check which graphics software you can use. You will need it to help you prepare the artwork and in the final design of your invitation.


5.  Take proper care in the font you use for the family reunion invitation. There are virtually thousands of fonts that you can use -- from the more formal fonts to the comical ones. Choose a font that is in harmony with the theme. It's tacky to use funny looking fonts in the invitation if you are going to hold  a wedding family reunion. Fonts should complete the design of the invitation so choose the most suitable.


6.  Pay attention to details. Other than the layout and design of the family reunion invitation, you  need to give utmost importance to the details of the event such as the date, time and venue. Your invitation will not serve its purpose and will simply be a piece of art without the correct and pertinent information in it. Include your contact details as well.  Since you are the organizer, the invited guests may want to get in touch with you. Before printing multiple copies of the family reunion invitation, proofread the text and double check everything.


7.  A good idea is to print one copy of the invitation and then go over it to make sure that there are no typographical errors and missing information. By doing a trial print, you can also see how good the invitation looks. If it is missing some elements or it does not look right nor balanced, go back to the “drawing board” and edit your work.  Repeat this step until you come up with the perfect family reunion invitation prototype.


8.  Print your family reunion invitations. However, before the actual printing, check your printer unit to make sure that it is working perfectly. See if the ink will suffice to print all the family reunion invitations you need.  Be sure you have extra paper as well as spare ink cartridges available. After making sure that everything's in order, start printing your perfect family reunion invitation.


9.  The final step is to mail out your family reunion invitations. Verify that you have the correct addresses and names of family members. Make sure that you are sending the family reunion invitations to the intended recipients. This final step requires that you check and double check.


An invitation has inherent charm and appeal. You can be certain that your family reunion will be more enjoyable when you make the right preparations and give the perfect invitation. Your family reunion invitation's impact on the recipient will largely affect his or her decision to attend or not to attend the family reunion. When your invitation is perfect, it is effectively saying, “I’d love to see you there!”  Now, who can say no to that?

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