Gifts to Proudly Display Your Family Crest

Gifts to Proudly Display Your Family Crest

Gifts to Proudly Display Your Family Crest

You must be very excited to have found your ancient family crest in the course of your genealogy research. On the other hand, you may be one of those practical people who would rather create your very own modern day family crest using the colors and symbols you think accurately portray your family history. Regardless of how you sourced it, your family crest can still be enjoyed by the other members of the family when you give them gifts that proclaim your heritage in countless ways.



Inexpensive Gifts Bearing Your Family Crest


There are occasions where you need to gift family members with items bearing your family crest. A classic example of gifts are the small keepsakes given away during family reunions. Anything with your family crest on it would give each family member a sense of pride in being part of the family. If you have a rather large clan, you might need to keep a close watch on the cost per gift. You may need to limit your options to those gifts within the lower price range just to stay within budget and give everyone a gift bearing the family crest.


Several low cost articles would make great family crest gifts. Consider baseball caps where you can have the family crest embroidered on the front. Online companies can easily reproduce the artwork of your family crest and have it printed on the caps. Try sourcing this item from suppliers of business “give-aways.” Similarly, you can order t-shirts and mouse pads with your family crest printed on them.


Still on the low cost range are key chains. Extremely handy, key chains with the family crest imprinted on them will serve as a constant reminder to family members of who they are and where they come from. Custom made key chains are available from various suppliers. A more economical way would be to purchase blank, clear key chains which you can “personalize” yourself. Simply print the family crest yourself, cut it out to fit and insert inside the tag. Another inexpensive yet effective gift is a framed print-out of the family crest accompanied with a brief family history or description of the meaning of the family crest.


Mid-Range Gifts Bearing Your Family Crest


A bigger budget would of course increase your family crest gift options. In that case, you may look into more expensive but equally more interesting items. If your family is of German descent, you could probably get beer mugs or steins and have your family crest proudly displayed on the side. Note that steins are considered symbolic of the German culture. A plaque of your family crest is also a good idea as family members can proudly hang it in their own homes.


Individual watches with your family crest printed on the face would also make attractive and functional gifts. So would banners with your coat of arms, which can be both ornamental and practical in the homes of the family members. A banner is an excellent gift for a prospective bride or groom. During the wedding or at the reception, the respective family crests of the two parties can be displayed side by side as a symbolic presentation of the union of two families.


High-End Gifts Bearing Your Family Crest


In some instances, you would not want to be limited by cost considerations, especially if the whole family is sharing the expense. In this case, you may want to look into very special gifts for special family members like the matriarch or the patriarch. One option is to buy a ring and have the family crest engraved on it. This type of ring can be made for both men and women. By themselves, the rings are attractive and make good conversation pieces.  They can also serve as signet rings to create a wax imprint or a seal with the family crest, the same way they were used in history.


With the many merchants available online, ideas for family crest gifts abound. A little time spent searching the Internet could yield you the ideal gift. However, if you have the time and are creative, you can craft your own family crest gifts to make them even more special and personal. Whether your family crest gifts are store bought or handmade, they will undoubtedly be appreciated by the recipients. Gifts bearing your family crest will serve as constant reminders to family members of their roots, giving them a sense of belongingness and pride.

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